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Artist's Statement

As I pick my way through life as an artist, I feel I'm a pilgrim in an alien world, living in the material and destined for the spiritual. I try to make sense out of chaotic situations I see all around me and still keep a joyful approach to life.

My work is about the spirit, life, death, resurrection and how we react as people to the events that are brought to our attention. With the information we receive we can be sad and glad, joyful, sorrowful, harsh and pleasurable all at the same time.

How can I be alone in a crowd? The paradoxes of life baffle me. I try to work out my own rationale in my work. The biblical verse I use is, "unless we become as little children we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven."

Because of all the walls we have built to protect ourselves and all of the hidden fears and prejudices we harbor, it is hard for us to become children. To truly intereact with my work, I must become like a little child every day of my life. I must admit, this task in not easy.