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Georgetown, Kentucky, September 15 – October 31, 2003

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Renaissance: a reawakening? A period of time when the arts flourish, great art is produced, new insights develop. It happens in societies, it happens in individuals. Mathew Carone is in a second major career, a true renaissance artist. Today's painting reaffirms his inner talents as an artist, as a man reaching to the highest pinnacle, with fresh insights and great skill. He shows the viewer new visions.

As a youngster he quickly developed both notable musical and visual artistic quality. After marriage and children he became a school teacher. The salary was steady, furnishing a solid family footing, and allowing him the opportunity to continue both the violin and painting. Over the many decades of hands on involvement in the local cultural community, Mathew Carone became a major force in the artistic world of South Florida—a friend to artists and musicians of international distinction from all corners who subsequently came to live and work in Florida.

Although preferring to keep his paintings a source of private pleasure, over the years Matt has participated in many successful exhibitions, both in Florida and across the United States, and has been the recipient of numerous awards for excellence in the visual arts. His work has been enthusiastically received by many notable art critics and writers and he has been recognized by his peers as a notable force in the contemporary Florida art scene. Today, his work can be found in many prominent public and private collections.

I am privileged to have in my own small collection two Carone works. One is an early composition of strong color and sharp edges, the second a recent one with delicate shadings and fascinating linear structure. Both have had my admiration and the veneration of many others who have seen these images in my home.

This exhibition is further testimony to work that reflects the nature of a serious , knowledgeable artist who has mastered his craft. He has arrived at his renaissance, an acknowledgement of a mastery anew.

August L. Freundlich
Sackets Harbor, New York
July 2003

(Among his many professional awards and distinguished accomplishments in the visual arts, Mr. Freundlich is the Director Emeritus of the Lowe Art Museum at The University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, and Chair Emeritus of the Department of Art at Syracuse University, New York. He currently serves as President of the Richard Florsheim Art Foundation.)