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Hugo Crosthwaite
Hugo Crosthwaite - Available Artworks Hugo Crosthwaite - Available Artworks
The artworks by Hugo Crosthwaite in this category are currently available for sale. The categories below are shown for historical reference only. As new works become available they will be appear in this section.
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Hugo Crosthwaite - War/Guerra Hugo Crosthwaite - War/Guerra
Hugo Crosthwaite is an anachronism, a virtuoso of drawing in an era of computer-assisted manipulation of images. “Guerra,” his series on war themes, explores the complexities and beauty of human expression during wartime through the evocative chiaroscuro of his pencil and charcoal drawings on Mylar. "I am interested in depicting human suffering and the representation of violence through a work that...looks for the expression of beauty,” he notes.
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Hugo Crosthwaite - Allegory/Myth Hugo Crosthwaite - Allegory/Myth
“I feel my work identifies with the turbulent emotions of art movements such as the Symbolist and Romantic painters of the nineteenth century,” Hugo Crosthwaite says. His allegorical and mythological references, inspired by artists such as Delacroix, Goya and Gericault, often merge abstraction with classical imagery “to create a feeling of spontaneity in which history, mythology, and abstraction collide."
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Hugo Crosthwaite - Commentary Hugo Crosthwaite - Commentary
The artist’s “Commentaries” are his personal narratives, visual depictions of memories and opinions of people, places and perceptions. “I love drawing. I enjoy its immediacy and tactility. It provokes me into being meticulous, moving on the surface from detail to detail where I take my time developing an improvised figurative image and a narrative that makes sense to me,” Hugo Crosthwaite says. “It’s all about making a mark and breaking that white surface with images that quiet my need to resolve some unknown, improvised personal narrative."
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Hugo Crosthwaite - Caprichos - Mexican Art Hugo Crosthwaite - Caprichos - Mexican Art
A series of provocative, dreamlike works transporting their viewers into the quirky world of the artist’s fantasies. Suggestive of the poor neighborhoods of Tijuana, his birthplace, the drawings take us into a mysterious realm of magic realism that is a visual parallel to the works of Gabriel García Márquez. “I let the act of drawing itself dictate the piece, the lines and marks taking me in directions where I can resolve personal aesthetic concerns that have been influenced by images from different media sources,” Hugo Crosthwaite explains. Click here to see the artwork.

Hugo Crosthwaite - Gallery Installation Hugo Crosthwaite - Gallery Installation
This is the first major U.S. exhibition of Hugo Crosthwaite, a 33-year-old artist from Tijuana, Mexico, whose career is poised to soar into the stratosphere of contemporary art. The San Diego Museum recently added a 16-foot work to its permanent collection. During the arteaméricas art fair, Miller placed another in the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, California. The artist is working on a 15-foot piece proposed for the Whitney Museum Biennial and is a nominee for the “Artes Mundi” prize in Wales.
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Hugo Crosthwaite - Reception - Mexican Art Hugo Crosthwaite - Reception - Mexican Art
More than 300 people attended the opening for Hugo Crosthwaite, including the artist himself who was interviewed by a reporter from EFE, the Spanish-language news agency during the reception. Everyone was in awe of Hugo Crosthwaite's 8 x 36-foot pencil-and charcoal drawing, "Tablas de una Novena."
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Hugo Crosthwaite