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Frank Leon
Frank Leon
Frank Leon - Gyotaku of The Hari Trips Frank Leon -Gyotaku of The Hari Trips
“Gyotaku” is the Japanese term for rubbings on paper made directly from fish that have been inked. Along with being an artist, Frank León worked as a mate on a charter fishing boat. He caught each of these fish from his own boat, the “Hari,” and inked them to produce these prints. Most of these works, which have been described as both delicate and elegant, include the longitude and latitude where the fish were caught and other relevant documentation.
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Frank Leon - The Hermeneutic Triangle Frank Leon - The Hermeneutic Triangle
Hermenutic refers to the artist’s interpretation of the three elements—ground, air and water—involved in the relationship between people and fish. The composition of most of these works is in three parts, reflecting this tripartite relationship. Frank León’s video of his bait-and-coffee shop customers in a rough neighborhood draws a parallel between its “fishbowl” environment, its denizens and his artistic struggle for survival, and the life of the fish caught from his boat.
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Frank Leon